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Friday November 12, 2010

My name is Przemyslaw Mironiuk. I am a co-owner of RUNIKOM, a Polish company developing accounting and medical software with Magic.


We have recently licensed MgPivot, an analytical and reporting tool, which can be embedded inside Magic application.

I am working on integrating the tool with our applications. I can say that is a powerful solution that is quite easy to work with and especially to embed in Magic app. Tested with eDeveloper 9.4 and Unipaas 1.9.

It is really a neat solution, common in spirit with Magic. Also quite expandable. You can join many tables to create star-schemas, akin to SQL views, inside the tool, not touching SQL. Also you can add calculated fields, not existing in “real” tables and views.

The big selling point for us was that the tool allows us to translate most of the interface to Polish, which is a must for users here.

It also enables us to export results to Excel files (among others) – even without Excel installed, for example to be opened in OpenOffice.

Phil Nussbaum, the man behind MgPivot, is truly dedicated to fix our problems and improve his product constantly. He assisted us in making the tool work for us. He performed several live remote sessions to help us.

What is important for us, he knows intimate details of Pervasive, DDFs etc.

I can recommend MgPivot wholeheartedly.

Best regards,
Przemyslaw Mironiuk



MgPivot - a good experience
Posted by: "John Dowbiggin" john@dowbiggin.net   johndowbiggin

Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:21 am (PDT)


Glad to say I am back in the Magic community after some time away in the land of iBolt.

I saw some info a while back about MgPivot which seemed to draw to indifferent acclaim
and I had some time yesterday so I thought I'd check it out for myself.

I have to say I was impressed. Phil Nussbaum gave me an hour of his time and it was
installed, set up and working very quickly. As a standalone tool for building tables and
graphs it is excellent, but the best part is the Magic interface. It took 10 mins max to
create a Magic Program which used an Active X control and we build pivot tables and
graphs from MS SQL data as well as Btrieve and then built in drill-downs on the data
to call other Magic programs - brilliant.

In the past I have looked at tools such as Intelliview, which looked good but when it came
to dealing with sizeable chunks of data such as half a million records or so, it took too long
to do it's extracts to be workable, so I was more than a little skeptical but we looked at an
example with 750,000 records that loaded in seconds.

I can see that this is a tool that could open up another revenue stream and will be seriously pursuing this with my clients. If you have an hour, I would suggest it would pay to look at
it - this is a serious piece of kit.

John Dowbiggin

For more information:
Write to: Info@MgPivot.com
Call: 514.293.8860
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